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Neo Cycle Price Review

The NEO Bike Plus is a fairly minor update from Tacx, and it largely follows the normal smart trainer standards as used by apps like Zwift and TrainerRoad. It’s also still single-channel Bluetooth Smart, which may be a limiting factor for long-term use.

The Bosch Active Line motor runs nearly silent, and the simple handlebar remote is intuitive to operate. The ride feel also does a good job of simulating acceleration and deceleration, and it’ll even simulate downhills.

What is the Neo Cycle?

The Neo Cycle is a small, lightweight electric bicycle that uses a hub motor to provide power to the bike’s pedals. The motor generates its own electricity by using a rotating aluminum rim to induce magnetic fields and create eddy currents in non-magnetic but conductive materials, which then powers the motor.

The e-bike’s generator uses six powerful neodymium magnets and a conductive aluminum rim to produce an electric field that can attract or repel materials. These eddy currents then power the motor’s circuit board, which in turn controls the bike’s motor.

Tacx’s new NEO Bike Plus is basically a tweaked version of the company’s existing indoor bike, but it has some pretty cool features. It’s one of the few bikes that can adjust its handlebar position while you’re riding, which lets you try out different stem lengths without having to stop your workout. It also has a nice color-coding system that shows your power output — blue is lowest, purple is midway, and orange is highest.

How much does the Neo Cycle cost?

For a bike as unique and niche as the Alpha Neo, it’s no surprise that it comes with a premium price tag. However, Pragma has made it easier for prospective customers to get into this machine by offering a long-term rental program.

The bike’s rear hub Bafang motor provides a discreet boost to an aero steed, and the handlebar remote is intuitive and easy to use. The bike’s range is good enough for most riders to run errands and complete short rides. The Neo SL 1 is not intended for group rides, as it has a 20 mph assist limit.

The e-bike’s frame, suspension fork, and dropper/suspension seatpost all work together to make it stable and easy to ride for anyone who can climb onto the bike. In addition, the bike has a low step-thru frame and heavy-duty kickstand that make it easy to mount for riders of all sizes. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes also offer reliable stopping power for a safe riding experience.

What is the Neo Cycle’s warranty?

The Neo Cycle comes with a 3-year warranty, which covers manufacturing and material defects. The warranty does not cover abuse, misuse or consequential damage caused by lack of maintenance, and is valid for the original owner only.

The new version has a few minor updates, but doesn’t address the problem with Zwift resistance changes that popped up in V1. Also, it’s still single-channel Bluetooth Smart, which might be limiting long-term for people who have other Garmin or Wahoo sensor gear.

The Adventure Neo 3 is a well-equipped commuter e-bike that can lighten your load while running errands or help you tackle tougher dirt routes. It comes with lights, fenders, a rear rack, and a suspension seatpost, which adds plenty of comfort for rides to work or school. It also has 27.5-inch tires and a Bosch Active Line motor to make it easy to tackle steep hills. The bike also weighs 57 pounds, which can be a challenge to haul up and down stairs.

What is the Neo Cycle’s return policy?

The Adventure Neo 3 is a well-equipped commuter e-bike that’ll lighten your load while running errands or easily take you off the beaten path. It features fenders, lights, and a rear rack that can hold panniers and the like. Plus, its 27.5 x 2.20-inch tires and a 63mm-travel suspension fork give it plenty of cushion to ride over even the most beat-up paved or dirt roads.

The biggest downside of the Neo Cycle is its weight. At 57 pounds, it’s far from an everyday bike and will probably limit how many people realistically use it on a regular basis. Then there’s the fact that it uses single-channel Bluetooth Smart, which is becoming increasingly standard on all new trainers and may be a major drawback long term (particularly if other Garmin and Wahoo sensor products eventually go multi-channel). Nonetheless, I’ve put our media loaner through its paces across several workout types and platforms with impressive results.

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