Custom Motorcycle Gas Cap: Style, Safety, and Performance

Benefits of a Custom Motorcycle Gas Cap

A functioning gas tank cap prevents fuel vapors from escaping the tank, which can increase fuel efficiency and save you money at the pump. This cap also helps to maintain a clean environment and reduce harmful emissions from your motorcycle.

Adding a custom fuel cap can give your bike a unique look and feel. Throttle Addiction offers cast aluminum Spinner and Knurled caps that work with many stock motorcycle applications.


The gas cap is a functional part that keeps gasoline and fumes in the tank, but it can also add to your bike’s overall style. There are a variety of designs to choose from, including ones with contrasting colors that can make your bike stand out. One option is a gas cap cover from Endless Road Motorcycle Cap Company that fits over the existing cover.

This cover has a unique shape that makes it look different from the original gas cap. It features a chrome finish and comes with an inner gas cap that sits flush inside the trim ring. It fits most domed shaped 70 mm gas tanks, and it’s available in black or chrome finishes.

Some gas caps have designs that are specific to a brand, such as the H-D skull or Bar and Shield logo. These designs can add a touch of style to your bike and help you express your personality on the open road.


The gas cap is a critical safety feature for your motorcycle. If you lose it while riding, the fuel could start leaking and possibly cause an accident. If the gas is spilled on the engine or yourself, it could also cause a fire.

It is important to replace a missing or damaged gas cap as soon as possible. This will prevent fuel vapor from escaping, which can lead to other problems such as poor performance and emissions.

Weld-in filler caps are available in different styles to fit a variety of bikes and tanks. They are made from high-quality materials that are easy to install. They also come with a lock gap that provides additional security. This can prevent unauthorized access to your bike and can help keep it safe from thieves. They are available from Lowbrow Customs, a trusted source of high-quality motorcycle parts and accessories. They also offer a variety of other products, such as air filters and exhausts, for your vehicle.


A functional component, the gas cap creates a tight seal that prevents fuel vapor from escaping the tank through the filler neck, thus improving your vehicle’s performance and saving you money at the pump. It also helps keep contaminants such as dust, dirt, and moisture out of your engine, contributing to its longevity and enhancing its overall performance.

A popular choice, the Lowbrow Customs Finned Gas Cap has a design inspired by vintage utilitarian aviation gas caps and is a good fit for both cafe racers and scramblers as well as any race-inspired or performance motorcycle. Its knurled edge makes it easy to grip, even with gloves on. It comes with a stainless steel weld-in bung and is available in black or polished aluminum finish.

A Bad Dad’s Competition Series Flush Gas Cap features a two-piece pop-up design that functions as the upper attachment point for our custom dashes and allows the gas cap to sit flush inside its trim ring for a truly custom look. The chrome finish is available for a sleek appearance or black finish to match your bike’s color scheme.


We are imposing new requirements for motorcycles and their engines to reduce emissions of HC, CO, and NOX. Companies that manufacture motorcycles are directly covered by these requirements (as opposed to companies that manufacture motorcycle engines, which are indirectly covered because their customers will require that they have complying engines).

Manufacturers can meet the new Tier 2 HC+NOX certification levels with engine modifications and fuel injection systems such as secondary pulse air injection, which uses a computer-controlled system that uses a one-way reed valve in the exhaust pipe to draw additional oxygen into combustion chambers, controlling more of the unburned hydrocarbons that escape into the atmosphere. Manufacturers can also achieve further reductions in HC+NOX emissions with the use of catalytic converters.

EPA has long found that highway motorcycles contribute to air pollution and that control of their emissions is necessary to meet National Ambient Air Quality Standards, particularly for 8-hour ozone. These emission reductions from motorcycles will also help States attain these air quality standards, and they will further aid eutrophication control efforts in lakes and other water bodies by reducing the rate at which nitrogen is added to these waters.

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